EWA at Clermont-Ferrand Film Market 2021
Eastwood Agency’s partner – Vostok agency – was representing Russia at the key film market in Clermont-Ferrand this year.
EWA and VOSTOK partnership
The country’s two leading agencies work together to provide support and comprehensive distribution for Russian short films.
Online Mode as a Quarantine Era Marker
The pandemic broke the festival cycle and established new relations between filmmakers, distributors, festivals and audience.
The Krakow Film Festival Has Taken Stock
The anniversary 60th festival in Krakow was fully conducted online. The russian work “The Golden Buttons” got its two significant awards.
Anton Sazonov on His Sundance Trip
Every festival has its own rules and features of work. Here is how a russian director looks at the process of film selection in the US.
The Pandemic Influences a Festival Season
Affected by the quarantine, film festivals around the globe are postponing their dates or making a decision to go online.
"Leave of Absence" at Sundance Film Festival
For the first time in recent years, Russian short film got selected for one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.
Eastwood Agency and Mediapolis Partnership
Eastwood Agency is focused on developing joint educational projects, including events happening in Russian regions.
Principles of festival work. DOK Leipzig
Every year DOK Leipzig selects russian authors. Here is an interview with Leena Pasanen, the program director of the biggest festival in Europe.