Eating an Elephant

Russia 2020
debut, documentary, lyric сomedy
Director Julia Saponova
Scriptwriter Julia Saponova, Valeria Zadereeva
DOP Aleksey Petrushkevich, Dmitry Shebunin
Producer Olesya Ovchinnikova, Igor Mishin, Dmitry Sergeev
Cast Margarita Rebetskaya, Maria Bystrova, Vlad Sitdikov, Maria Sitorinskaya, Maria Budina
To perform in the Palace of Nations of the United Nations in Geneva, a group of first-time actors with the Down syndrome must push their limits beyond their fears, their limitations and even their egos to work as a team.

Julia Saponova

Was a well-acclaimed gifted psychologist then switched to the professional photography. Since 2012 she developed, produced and directed five short movies. The movies were awarded and nominated at many international film festivals.