The End

Russia 2020
fiction, dramedy
Director Vladimir Kott
Scriptwriter Vladimir Kott
DOP Andrey Kapranov
Producer Vladimir Kott
Cast Valentin Samokhin, Yana Troyanova, Natalia Surkova, Egor Beroev, Victor Horinyak
Mitya, film director, suddenly leaves a TV-series film set. He’s in the middle of creative crisis and talks to Marcello Mastroianni in his head. His escape leads to a chain of very special events causing problems in a real life.

Vladimir Kott

After completing a theatre training, Vladimir KOTT (1973, Russia) worked as director in regional theatres. He became acquainted with the film industry as Alexander Kott's right hand on the film set of Two Drivers (2002). He then completed a film course with the successful short film The Door (2004). Kott’s feature debut The Fly (2008) won awards all over the world. Gromozeka (2011) is his second feature. Vladimir is awards- winner of such festivals like Rotterdam, Cottbus etc. He is a master in VGIK, the oldest film school in the world.