Bum Bro

Russia 2021
fiction, drama
Director Peter Timofeyev
Scriptwriter Peter Timofeyev
DOP Peter Timofeyev
Producer Peter Timofeyev
Cast Anton Rogachev, Ekaterina Goldfarb, Fedor Lavrentyev
2021 Fajr International Film Festival
2021 Regard
2021 Koroche (Diploma "For the hero of our time")
2021 shnit
A young rapper and musician walks the streets of the city searching for the homeless. He hunts for their stories, which he records on his phone. After one of these sessions, he gets an unusual idea.

Peter Timofeyev

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Peter studied photography and film at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London. After spending several years in London assisting and shooting, Peter moved back to Moscow where he began working professionally. He was shooting mostly photography for magazines including Vogue, Glamour, and many others, also he shot music videos and video art. At some point, Peter began to work more as a director of photography, shooting documentaries and short films. Some of them have received awards and recognition. He received a grant and started his education as a film director at the Moscow School of New Cinema.