In a Girl’s Arms

Russia 2021
Director Anton Mamykin
Scriptwriter Anton Mamykin
DOP Yakov Bashta
Producer Ivan Yakovenko, Anton Mamykin
Studio Bosfor pictures
Cast Slava Kiseleva, Nadejda Lertulo, Lusien Lubimova, Amal Basalama, Anna Astashkina, Inna Sushkova, Valery Chumakov, Timur Alekseev, Pavel Chugunov, Andrey Larchenkov
A girl escapes from a village that has been burned by the Nazi. She meets a traveling circus troupe. Soon the troupe is confronted by the Nazi and only a juggling girl can save one of them.

Anton Mamykin

Born and raised in the Urals. In 2005 he entered the St.Petersburg State Polytechnic University. Since 2008 Anton has been working in advertising as a copywriter. Winner of more than 70 advertising awards, including Cannes Lions. In 2017-2018, he passed the course “author of cinema” at the film school “Free Cinema” (workshop of Pavel Bardin).